The 69th Philosophers’ Carnival

May 12, 2008

Welcome to the 69th Philosophers’ carnival! I had a lot of good submissions this time, but I had to cut them down, so sorry if your submission doesn’t appear here. If you would like to submit a post to a future carnival use our online submission form.


Over at Movement of Existence Bryan Norwood draws attention to a similarity between Heidegger and Kuhn in Normal and Revolutionary Science in Heidegger.

logic and language

Matt Ward suggests a counterexample to Abduction as Logical Inference with a simple quantum mechanical experiment. Posted at A Mind for Madness.


Oisin Deery questions whether compatibilism is committed to prepunishment in Compatibilism and Prepunishment: A Response to Smilansky? posted at The Fog Blog.

Terrance Tomkow discusses Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics at Tomkow.com.


Gualtiero Piccinini explains the difference between Computation vs. Information Processing at Brains.

moral philosophy

“Q” the Enchanter discusses ethical universalism in Ethical Universalism and the Problem of Natural Moral Variation posted at Meta and Meta.

Over at Philosophy, et cetera Richard Chappell defends philosophy from the accusation of irrelevance in In Defence of Impractical Philosophy.

Well – that’s the end of this edition. Thanks everyone for your submissions. For the next edition, submit your blog article to the philosophers’ carnival submission form.


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