Possibly Philosophy to host Philosophers’ Carnival

September 22, 2008

The newest edition is here. A noticeable bias towards ethics/political philosophy this week it seems.

On that note, Possibly Philosophy is going to host the next carnival. Any interesting posts you’ve written or read recently? Submit them here. There is no theme for this one, posts on any topic most welcome.



  1. Thanks very much for linking to Practical Ethics News! I’m afraid the ethics/political philosophy bias reflects the nominations we received – aside from stating that our selection would be popularly accessible, we didn’t restrict the topic. (Of the strictly philosophical blog posts nominated, only one was unrelated to ethics/moral philosophy/political philosophy – in fact it was very good but didn’t meet the accessibility criterion.)

  2. Hi Rebecca.

    Apologies – that did sound like a criticism! It was supposed to be an observation :-)… Hope you will submit to the next carnival!

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