The 79th Philosophers’ Carnival

October 6, 2008

Welcome to the 79th Philosophers’ carnival! I had a lot of good submissions this time, but some of them weren’t strictly on philosophy, so that’s primarily where I cut it down – sorry if your submission doesn’t appear! I starred some of the articles I particularly enjoyed. If you would like to submit a post to a future carnival use our online submission form. The next carnival is going to be hosted at Principia Comica.


Anders Sandberg* has a fascinating argument, based on anthropic reasoning, that a large number LHC malfunctions should confirm the hypothesis that the collider is actually dangerous, and is destroying the planet in all worlds where it is run successfully.

Wolfgang Schwarz* has a great post over at Wo’s Weblog on self-locating belief and updating in the presence of indexical information. See here.

Kenny Easwaran* has a fun post on propositions that cannot be assigned credences. See Guessing the result of infinitely many coin tosses.

Kenny Pearce presents Plato on Opinion and Knowledge at blog.kennypearce.net. In his own words: “A brief discussion of epistemology from Plato’s ‘Meno’, and a conjecture on how Plato might respond to the Gettier cases.”

Chris Hallquist presents Irrational beings posted at The Uncredible Hallq.

logic and language

Bryan discusses Wittgenstein’s 1914-1916 Notebooks and the time course of the Tractatus over at My Mind is Made Up.

Terrance Tomkow* presents Frege’s Mistake posted at Tomkow.com. He says: “One of an ongoing series of posts arguing that philosophy since Frege turns on a mistake.” I look forward to reading the the rest.

Kevin Schutte* presents some variations on Moore’s paradox, considering different attitudes in place of belief. Posted at Meaning More.

Michael O’Connor* discusses an interesting proposal to motivate NF like systems based on considerations of symmetry under permutations: Avoiding Set-Theoretic paradoxes using symmetry.


Enigman presents Not from Presentism to Theism posted at Enigmania, saying, “Today I criticised a forthcoming paper by Alan Rhoda (of the blog Alanyser) because I was bored yesterday, and the paper was worth criticising.”

Alastair Wilson* discusses the mereological nature of spacetime and ordinary objects in the Everettian universe. Do worlds branch or diverge? Find out here.

Justin presents Nietzsche’s Naturalism posted at Panexperientialism. “Discusses a recent draft paper by Brian Leiter concerning Nietzsche and naturalism.”

philosophyfeed.com presents Determinism & Chaos Theory posted at PhilosophyFeed.com!, saying, “Feed Your Mind…
A blog about Philosophy and related topics…”

moral philosophy

Paul Gowder* discusses the relationship between epistemic duties and moral duties in When are epistemic duties also moral duties?. From Uncommon Priors.

David Gross presents Ethical illusions posted at The Picket Line, saying, “It seems to me that this would be an especially fruitful time to develop a practical discipline of ethics. While some of the great human weaknesses and temptations have been known and discussed for ages, we have never had such precise investigation of ethical blind spots and illusions as we have today.”

David Michael presents A Theory of Moral Diffusion posted at Perplexicon.

Avery Archer* talks about Bernard Williams stuff on moral luck – see Williams on Moral Luck from The Space of Reasons.

political philosophy

Louis Rose presents Contract Law and the U.S. Constitution posted at Florida Student Philosophy Blog.


Finally, Thom Brooks, from The Brooks Blog, presents More on journal rankings: the case of Australasia – a look at the recent journal rankings in Australasia.

Well, that’s it for this edition. Thanks for reading. The next carnival will be hosted at Principia Comica – see their call for submission here. The submission form is here: carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found at the blog carnival index page.



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  3. What do the *s mean?

  4. “I starred some of the articles I particularly enjoyed.”

    It was more a recommendation for people who usually read this blog than a selection of the best posts. Also I didn’t want to cut down the submissions too heavily (unlike last time I hosted, where I was possibly too selective.)

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  6. Sorry for not reading closely enough, and thanks for hosting!

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  8. Thanks for the inclusion! Also, if you could fix the spelling of my last name that would be helpful. (I just got an e-mail today from the administration at USC that had exactly the same misspelling, even though they obviously had to spell my name right to send me the e-mail.)

  9. Oh shit, sorry about that! Weird that they’d make the same mistake though.

  10. Its Nice…..Thx

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