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October 19, 2009

A real post should be on the way soon. A few links in the meanwhile

  • If you haven’t seen it already there is a petition about allocating research funds on the basis of “impact” rather than academic merit. Please sign.
  • JC Beall points me to his new webpage. Lots of interesting looking papers.
  • I know it’s done the rounds already but this xkcd comic really made me chuckle!

New rules for overseas students

November 25, 2008

Ross Cameron from metaphysical values:

New rules on overseas students are being introduced by the Government, which will involve academics having to report to the Border Agency when such students have missed a certain number of contact hours. If you are a British citizen or resident and think it is not our role to act as immigration officers, that such rules threaten the autonomy of Universities, that they will make it harder for us to attract overseas students, or that this is generally a Bad Idea, please sign the petition below:

Or just click here.